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What is an Almshouse?

Almshouse Charities are regulated by the Charity Commission and are usually governed by locally recruited volunteer Trustees.

Almshouse Trusts were generally founded by benefactors in earlier times to provide for those in need and often to cater for a particular category of persons. The original purpose of the Alvechurch Almshouses was to provide accommodation “for the poor persons of Alvechurch”.
Almshouses are unfurnished dwellings. The purpose is to provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a setting which allows residents to live independently and to come and go as they please.

Who Can Apply?

Persons aged over 60, living in the Parish of Alvechurch (including the Wards of Rowney Green, Bordesley and Hopwood) who are not able to find suitable accommodation with the resources available to them.
The age criteria is usually over 60 but the Trustees may at their discretion consider applicants below this age in exceptional circumstances.

To be eligible to apply applicants must have lived in the Parish of Alvechurch for a minimum of 12 months. The Trustees may consider former residents of Alvechurch in exceptional circumstances.