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How to Apply
Anyone wishing to apply for an Almshouse should first read the Allocation Policy, before downloading an application form and sending it to the Clerk to the Trustees. (See Contact Page for details)

Once you have read and checked the Allocation Policy, please complete ALL sections of the Application Form.
Please also note the new (2019) version of the Form must be used.

Alternatively they can write to the Clerk or email the Trust using the email contact form.
Once an application is received it is kept on file until a vacancy occurs.
The Trustees look at all applications and decide whom they would like to interview.
Decisions are made on the basis of need.

Please  Note:

Applicants are required to provide the names of two people who are prepared to be contacted in the event of an emergency or other difficulty which impacts on the residents’ ability to live independently.

These people are often close family or friends.