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The original Almshouses, or Hospital as it was first known, were established through the will of Nicholas Lewknor/Lewkner who died in 1580.
Part of the income from his estate at Hadzor was to be used to finance building and to provide an endowment.
Alvechurch Almhouses Pre-demolition c1970
The Hospital was erected in 1588 providing accommodation for a Master, six brethren and two sisters. Originally the properties were rent free, residents also receiving a small monthly payment.
Alvechurch Lewkner Almhouses Rear Pre-Demolition c1970
In 1912 a number of charitable bequests were combined as the United Charities of Alvechurch to provide financial support.

Alvechurch Lewkner Almhouses Pre_Demolition c1970
By 1963, the shortage of funds meant that all residents had to make a weekly maintenance contribution. The original Almshouses must have been rebuilt or altered in the 18th or 19th century but by the late 1970s the dwellings were in a very poor condition.
Alvechurch Almhouses Privies c1970
However there was insufficient funding available to pay for renovation. With advice from the National Association of Almshouses, the Charity was registered as a Housing Association in 1977 and was able to borrow funds to rebuild.

Alvechurch Almhouses Rebuilt c1980
The current buildings which are situated immediately behind the original Almshouses were begun in 1980 and residents were in their new homes by December of that year.  
The official opening was performed by Mrs E Hill (widow of Mr E Hill, long time Clerk to the Trustees) on 25 March 1981.  
Alvechurch Almhouses c1981
In the years since the rebuild, repairs and improvements have been carried out, including fitting PVC windows and doors, provision of walk-in showers and the gradual refitting of kitchens. The Almshouses now provide comfortable accommodation in eight ground floor properties and two flats.